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By way of introduction, I’m the Senior Pharmaceuticals Industry Executive at Taj Pharmaceuticals India, as a corporate social responsibility; Shantanu Singh is also a specialist independent Pharma education provider and sponsorship to B.Pharma / M.Pharma students and am reaching out to my similar profile and executives as a company / individual that is committed to improving healthcare and outcomes for patients.

We under the CSR activity create and manage enduring medical education programmes that demonstrate sustained clinical practice improvements in different therapy areas (including opioid dependencecardiologyoncology, allergy and diabetes, to name a few). My company Taj Pharmaceuticals tries to deliver a credible education that is designed in collaboration with leading expert healthcare professionals to address pre-identified learning gaps, and with the innovation to engage and make change happen in the healthcare industry.

If you as a pharmaceuticals healthcare industry colleague; may be interested in supporting targeted medical education for healthcare professionals as part of your corporate responsibility, I would be grateful to be contacted for such a work and cause with the appropriate contact and the opportunity to further collaborate with pharma industry colleagues.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information about our at corporate responsibilityprogramme related to supporting targeted medical education for healthcare professionals this time.

I look forward to hearing from any one who may be interested.

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