The past two decades in pharmaceuticals and life sciences has been a rather rewarding for the industry with several patent expiry and first generations bio-similar in the industry. The conventional model of pharmaceuticals industry to market the products in the traditional model may not work anymore. The industry has seen several new laws for doctors to write generic medicine only; “A generic drug is a medication created to be the same as an existing approved brand-name drug in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, and performance characteristics”; Now, the primary process of marketing the products in the industry is seeing the turnaround to online prescription website; where patients can upload prescriptions and get home delivery of harmless meds; examples are and all the online medicine dispensing. The most common trends in the industry is ethical marketing; where a company markets a brand by doctors prescription; whereby other companies similar drug may be available in the market.
The modern practice at Taj pharma manufacturing requires strict compliance with WHO-cGMP norms and whereby plants needs to maintain digital data of all the products released; IT plays an important role in providing the backbone to any life sciences industry; by digital records maintenance, accuracy of data storage and data integrity for safety of the products. Having human life in question, pharma sectors needs to identify human errors by modern IT software and may help to streamline pharma products quality consistency which may lead to growth of small scale manufacturers.
The productivity of the industry primarily depends on reducing the human dependency and atomizing the manufacturing processes;
The use of IT systems can improve the following:
· Increase media efficiency
· Increase revenue per lead/customer
· Boost contact & engagement rates
· Drive sales & marketing team efficiency
It may help making better business decisions and optimizing process controls, advanced data analytics and visualization programs — unlocks the hidden gems that hold the secret to better decision-making and greater business success.
Every day, healthcare businesses generate a vast array of data derived from a variety of different sources within a firm. This data holds the key to better performance. The challenge is to interpret this information in a meaningful way with application of better IT skills and trend analysis. However, with so many parameters and such vast system life sciences complexity to consider, it is hard to find a solution that is both powerful and smart enough as says — Mr.Shantanu Singh Executive Director, Taj Pharma. An application of advanced data analytics and visualization program as part of any company’s intellectual asset, and such can makes it possible to combine and analyse data from all sources to isolate, understand and act on the hidden tricks that hold the secret to better decision-making and greater business success.
Further, Mr.Shantanu Singh explains how, IT solutions can enable firms to harness the wealth of data within an organization, identifying vital elements to improve the results of clinical trials, research, product development and manufacturing processes. With improved process understanding and more consistent product quality, users will be able to reduce risk, speed up time-to-market and accelerate business growth.
New notification system, along with the new web client, gives the user peace of mind about the quality of production anywhere and anytime as this system provides an overview of the production processes on devices such as tablets or mobile phones.


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