Successful executives are often hailed as superhuman, but the reality is they’re regular people. Well, maybe not exactly!
Given our unusual lifestyle of an entrepreneur, and that so many are fuelled by the promise of wild riches, it comes as no surprise that we all have an inspiring stories about overcoming adversity.
Every business success stories is fraught with an eccentric leader, his personal struggles, and uncommon lifestyles to find their place and translate their life experiences into success.
After having some success as a generics formulator, I decided launching a dedicated oncology division to reduce the patient costs.
So in 2013 after Completing at Durham University, England; Further pursued a Bachelors and Masters in Indian Law, co-founded an IT firm Taj Infotech INC; one of my most successful endeavors yet which is also fully automated business with very little human intervention. “Prior to founding Taj Infotech, I completed my degrees at Durham”.
The extra workload didn’t stop me from innovating in Pharma Sector; I was instrumental in creating some of the first generics into the Russian and African markets. To this day, more than 35 million people all over the world have used one of the company’s products.
“Sometimes, the best motivation is not what someone says to you – it’s what you’ve experienced yourself.”


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